CAD software
29 de January de 2021

What is CAD software and why use it to produce fashion?

2 min To meet demanding consumers in quality and speed of launching collections, it is essential to know how to use CAD software in fashion. Find out why!

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How to fix your waistband with Audaces Moldes
18 de January de 2021

How to adjust the crotch point in the Audaces Pattern

4 min Comfort and good fit of the clothes are essential requirements to determine the success of a garment. Some measures are the height and length of the hook of the pants.

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Industry 4.0 is becoming more and more central in the development of fashion products. Discover the main challenges and advantages represented by the application of intelligent technologies.
15 de December de 2020

How to improve the fashion product with Industry 4.0

< 1 min Industry 4.0 is being decisive for the future of making the fashion product. Know the main challenges and advantages of applying smart technologies.

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How to create fashion sketches directly on the computer
15 de December de 2020

How to create fashion sketches directly on the computer

2 min Do you know how to sketch fashion without mold and on the computer? In this special content, we tell you how this is possible and what are the advantages of digitally designing a fashion sketch.

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18 de August de 2020

Step by step: How to make a complete technical sheet

6 min A crucial element of communication, especially for small entrepreneurs or freelancers. With the technical file, storage of the model is […]

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Audaces Be Creative
3 de August de 2020

Be Creative Contest: Audaces Creative package users get 30 more days of free access

2 min Trial extension for expired subscriptions guarantees free and accessible participation Users who had access to the Audaces Creative software package […]

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3 de August de 2020

How Audaces 360 multisolution contributes to digital fashion

3 min Industry 4.0 allowed brands to diversify their strategies to attract the attention of their target audience, especially the younger ones, […]

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14 de November de 2018

Discontinuance notice of versions 11 and 12 of Audaces Apparel

2 min Dear CUSTOMER, Audaces in the use of its duties as a developer and owner of the copyrights of AUDACES APPAREL […]

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22 de October de 2018

Plan and create your collection efficiently: Meet the new Collection Manager, the Audaces Isa!

3 min Putting a new collection on the market is a challenge for garment makers. The process of creation and development involves […]

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6 de December de 2013

Important notice: discontinuation of the plotters Audaces

< 1 min Audaces announces the discontinuation of the following product parts and supplies: PLOTTERS Audaces Jet Slim, Audaces Jet Ultra, Audaces Tower […]

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