Lingerie Parfait
1 de July de 2021

Lingerie: 21st century and the path to diversity

7 min Undeniably, lingerie has gone through all possible forms and revolutions during the 20th Century to reach the concept we have […]

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lencería by horst p horst
19 de June de 2021

Lingerie: the revolutionary 20th century

7 min In the revolutionary twentieth century underwear was transformed and the concept of lingerie, as we understand it today, was consolidated. […]

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Horst P Horst Lingerie 1939
12 de June de 2021

Lingerie: from the early days to the Corset

7 min The presence of lingerie in our lives is so natural that we don’t even stop to think about what it […]

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Diversity of women representing women's empowerment.
26 de March de 2021

Women´s empowerment in the fashion world

3 min The history of women’s empowerment is directly connected to the history of world fashion. But it is from the 19th century onwards that it gained strength in different parts of the world. Criss-crossed by wars and socio-cultural revolutions in various sectors of society, women’s empowerment is definitely the backdrop for one of humanity’s greatest revolutions: feminism.

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Naomi Campbell fotografada por Nadine Ijewere para a capa da revista Vogue Espanha de julho de 2020
17 de March de 2021

Women in fashion: they made history and are redesigning the future

7 min Memorable women are part of the history of fashion that we know today,  with their great inventions, inspirations, and perceptions of the world.  Let´s know more about whom were these women in fashion and be inspired! Icons such as Coco Chanel, one of the most remembered for her creations,  were extremely important for the creation and re-reading of relevant topics for the society of her time.  […]

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San Valentín
14 de February de 2021

Valentine’s Day: from history to fashion creation

7 min The month of February in many countries is marked by the celebrations of Valentine’s Day. The date of February 14th […]

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CAD software
29 de January de 2021

What is CAD software and why use it to produce fashion?

2 min To meet demanding consumers in quality and speed of launching collections, it is essential to know how to use CAD software in fashion. Find out why!

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the right side of the fabric
22 de January de 2021

The right side of the fabric: how to recognize it

3 min The right side of the fabric should be pointed out before cutting. The identification takes place with the form in which it was folded with the face to the outside.

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How to fix your waistband with Audaces Moldes
18 de January de 2021

How to adjust the crotch point in the Audaces Pattern

4 min Comfort and good fit of the clothes are essential requirements to determine the success of a garment. Some measures are the height and length of the hook of the pants.

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6 de January de 2021

How to make clothes patterns accurately by computer

< 1 min If you want to know how to make clothes patterns more quickly and with high quality, keep in mind that technology can be a great ally in this goal.    This is because there is no doubt that technology facilitates and streamlines the processes of the fashion production chain. The interest of model professionals in digital modeling is also increasing.  And it would not be different: manual modeling is a detailed,  complex, and time-consuming work, which requires time and patience.  So why not model using technology to your advantage? Most companies operating in the textile and clothing industry have already adopted CAD systems. According to a 2011 study by Icléia Silveira and Giorgio Gilwan da Silva,  the adoption of technology by companies in Santa Catarina is more […]

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