30 de April de 2021

Production manager. What does this professional?

2 min In the job market, all professions have their challenges and achievements, and in the fashion industry this is no different. Do you know what a clothing production manager does? Want to know more? So, see in this article the main characteristics of this professional so important in the production chain.

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Diversity of women representing women's empowerment.
26 de March de 2021

Women´s empowerment in the fashion world

3 min The history of women’s empowerment is directly connected to the history of world fashion. But it is from the 19th century onwards that it gained strength in different parts of the world. Criss-crossed by wars and socio-cultural revolutions in various sectors of society, women’s empowerment is definitely the backdrop for one of humanity’s greatest revolutions: feminism.

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San Valentín
14 de February de 2021

Valentine’s Day: from history to fashion creation

7 min The month of February in many countries is marked by the celebrations of Valentine’s Day. The date of February 14th […]

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the right side of the fabric
22 de January de 2021

The right side of the fabric: how to recognize it

3 min The right side of the fabric should be pointed out before cutting. The identification takes place with the form in which it was folded with the face to the outside.

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How to fix your waistband with Audaces Moldes
18 de January de 2021

How to adjust the crotch point in the Audaces Pattern

4 min Comfort and good fit of the clothes are essential requirements to determine the success of a garment. Some measures are the height and length of the hook of the pants.

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How to create fashion sketches directly on the computer
15 de December de 2020

How to create fashion sketches directly on the computer

2 min Do you know how to sketch fashion without mold and on the computer? In this special content, we tell you how this is possible and what are the advantages of digitally designing a fashion sketch.

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header moda pós-pandemia
4 de November de 2020

The fashion market in the post-pandemic world

3 min What will the future of post-pandemic fashion be like? This and other questions can try to answer here in this exclusive column on fashion, health, and the future of clothing.

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Pink October Campaign Symbol
30 de October de 2020

Pink October: when prevention comes into fashion

8 min October brings the color pink inspiring us to self-care, also becoming an international symbol of the October Pink Campaign, to prevent breast cancer.

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wearable technoloy
19 de October de 2020

Wearable technology: A new revolution in the fashion market

6 min As wearable technology has been gaining more and more in the world fashion market. Types of fabric, materials, innovations, main demands, and brands that are already working in this niche.

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9 de October de 2020

What is a niche market?

4 min Find out how to choose a profitable niche within the fashion industry.   Defining and choosing a good niche market […]

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